Dentist Laurel Don’t Ignore Wisdom Teeth Pain

Learn from Your Dentist in Laurel MD What Your Wisdom Teeth Pain Could be Telling You

Wisdom teeth grow in the back of an adult mouth starting at around the age of 17. They are located behind the molars and often grow in crooked or sideways. They can sometimes cause other issues that shouldn’t be ignored. Here’s what you need to know about wisdom tooth pain from your dentist in Laurel MD, Dr. Masood.
What are some Issues Wisdom Teeth Might Cause?
Here are some of the issues that you might notice with your wisdom teeth:
They can cause pain in the back of your mouth.
The teeth seem to poke through the gums but never go further.
The area around the teeth might be inflamed, red or tender.
Dental infection can be present around wisdom teeth.
They can cause bad breath.
Some people will never experience pain with their wisdom teeth while others will be in constant distress. 
What Helps Wisdom Teeth Pain?
The best way to treat wisdom tooth symptoms is to have the teeth extracted. This can be done at the dentist or oral surgeon’s office and requires either local or general anesthesia. 
If they are through the gum, they will be extracted like a normal tooth. If they are impacted, an incision will be made through the gum to remove the tooth. 
Most times there are minimal complications associated with the removal of wisdom teeth. It is always advisable that the wisdom teeth come out before there are issues. In fact, even with no pain at all, the wisdom teeth can cause complications as food and debris are hard to remove from them. They are more prone to cavities and decay than other teeth because they are harder to clean.
If you start to suffer from any pain or discomfort in your wisdom tooth area, be sure to contact the dentist immediately. 
To learn more about your wisdom teeth or to have a consultation, be sure to contact your dentist for an appointment. There, you’ll be given treatment options as well as further information about the best plan for you. Wisdom teeth are not needed and generally, cause more problems that you want to deal with. Don’t hesitate to speak with your dentist in Laurel, MD if you have any concerns about your wisdom teeth.