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Pearl Dental Center of Laurel Lakes - Family Dentist in Laurel MD

Pearl Dental Center of Laurel Lakes provides you with the highest level of dental procedures and is committed to being a leading family dentist in Laurel MD in the area. For this, we take pride in our work and are focused on the following key principles.


Providing Quality Results


At the forefront of our practice, we always stay focused on providing the best results. Dr. Akbar Masood of Laurel, MD knows the importance of a beautiful smile and is committed to providing the highest quality of dentistry available in the region. Years of experience combined with a solid education in dentistry and an unrivaled attention to detail gives our team the ability to provide you with quality dental work and the best treatment for any of your oral health needs.


Exceptional Service


At our practice, we understand that many people are uncomfortable or nervous when it comes to visiting the dentist. That’s why our number one goal at Pearl Dental Center of Laurel Lakes is to provide an atmosphere that is both comfortable and relaxing for your visits. For this, we provide a warm and welcoming environment at our Laurel, MD office, where our friendly staff members are always focused on the best interest of our patients.


Educating Our Patients


We understand that it’s much easier to provide positive results when our patients feel safe and at ease with both our staff and our services. To provide you with this sort of relationship, we always keep our patients up to date on the state of their oral health by fully explaining the procedures and the reasons behind them. By keeping an open dialogue and discussing your options, Dr. Akbar Masood of Laurel can create a suitable treatment plan for each individual case.


Keeping Up with The Times


When searching for a dentist in the Laurel, MD area, it’s important to ensure that they are up to date with new procedures and technologies related to the field of dentistry. Each one of our staff members is continuously upgrading their knowledge by attending conferences, lectures and reading the latest industry news. This form of continuous education allows Pearl Dental Center of Laurel to offer our patients the most current information and treatment options available. Moreover, at all times, we are focused on keeping our practice equipped with advanced dental technologies.

For example, Dr. Masood recently received his Fellowship at the Academy of General Dentistry by attending over 500 hours of in-class training and then passing a 4-hour exam. 


Sedation Dentistry


To further improve his services, Dr. Akbar Masood is certified to perform conscious sedation dentistry. This means that, even if you are nervous about dental procedures, you’ll be able to receive treatment with peace of mind. Whether you’ve had a bad dental experience in the past or are just hesitant about visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry will calm your fears and ensures that you feel comfortable during your dental visit.

Sedation dentistry offers a wide range of benefits to patients and can help those who suffer from anxiety or fear about visiting the dentist. It can also help people with a severe gag reflex or those who need to have more work done in fewer visits. In addition, oral sedation dentistry can also help with several other issues such as:


•    Chronic or acute pain in the jaw

•    Substantial physical limitations

•    Neck or spinal issues

•    Resistance to local anesthetic

•    Lengthy dental procedures


How Sedation Dentistry Works


First, you will have an initial consult with Dr. Masood where he will prescribe you with a medication to take just before your next visit. Then, prior to your treatment, he will give you a pill that will work to make you feel much more relaxed. You will remain partially conscious during your treatment; however, some people may fall asleep and will likely not have any memory of the procedure itself.


Cosmetic Dentistry and Smile Makeovers in Laurel, Maryland


We know that the state of your smile can have a huge impact on the way that you look and feel. Therefore, our team at Pearl Dental Center in Laurel, MD is dedicated to transforming your entire self-image by improving your smile. In the gallery below, you will find an overview of the sort of smile makeovers and transformations that we’re able to conceive.


If you are interested in learning more about our practice or the types of procedures that we offer, feel free to get in touch with us and find out how we can transform your smile.