Dentist Laurel Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Laurel, MD

Dr. Akbar Masood is certified to perform conscious sedation dentistry

This means there is no reason to avoid the dentist again! 
With sedation dentistry, past bad dental experiences and fear can no longer be reasons to neglect oral care. 
Oral sedation dentistry can benefit a wide range of patients, including people with:
  •  High dental anxiety and fear 
  •  A severe gag reflex 
  • Time constraints-those who need to get more dentistry done in fewer visits 
  • Chronic or acute jaw soreness 
  • Physical limitations such as back and neck problems 
  • Difficult getting numb 
  • Extensive treatment needs 
  • A desire to have dentistry done comfortably while there are fully relaxed 
How It works
After an initial consultation with Dr. Masood, you will take a medication just before your next visit. The day of your dental visit, Dr. Masood will give you a pill that will relax you. You will be somewhat conscious during your treatment but relaxed. You may fall asleep. You will have little or no memory of treatment afterwards.