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Tips From Your Laurel, MD Dentist: 3 Easy Methods for Fresher Breath  


Beyond regular dental cleanings with your Laurel, MD dentist, and brushing and flossing, how do you improve your breath?  


Mouth sprays or gum can help mask the problem, but they typically don’t help with the underlying causes.   


If you’re struggling with this issue, keep reading to learn some simple methods to freshen your breath today!   


1. Scrape Your Tongue  


Did you know that it’s vital that you also take time to scrape or brush your tongue beyond brushing twice a day and flossing? Investing in an affordable metal tongue scraper can make this easier.  


After you brush, all you have to do is gently drag it from the back of your tongue to the tip, then rinse and repeat a couple more times. Doing this regularly can improve the smell of your breath over time because you’re removing more bacteria and food debris from your mouth.   


2. Chew Xylitol Gum  


Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alternative that’s low-calorie and helps prevent plaque. Less plaque means fewer bacteria in your mouth, leading to a reduction in odors. Of course, xylitol gum also comes in a variety of flavors that have the benefit of smelling good.   


This type of gum also has the benefit of keeping your mouth lubricated throughout the day. People with habitually dry mouths have more of a chance of cavities and tooth decay because saliva normally helps dissolve and clear away food debris.   


3. Strive for Healthy Gums  


Lastly, it’s important that you focus on keeping your teeth as well as your gums healthy. This is because gingivitis can eventually lead to gum disease, making your breath worse.  


Here are a few signs of gingivitis:   


  • Swollen and puffy gums  

  • Bleeding gums  

  • Receding gums  

  • Tender gums  

  • Loose teeth  

  • Bad breath  


If you notice many of these signs, it’s important that you seek help from your general dentist or periodontist as soon as possible. They can help you with a treatment plan that can address the gingivitis, saving you from gum disease and improving your breath at the same time.   


Improve Your Breath with a Laurel, MD Dentist Today  


Dealing with bad breath can make you more reluctant to attend social events, date and can cause undue stress in your life. However, it’s important to remember that it’s not permanent—there are many methods and treatable underlying causes that can improve your breath and your dental health at the same time.   


If you’re ready to schedule a consultation to address your breath, contact us today! Our experienced and compassionate Laurel, MD dentist and staff are willing and able to answer any of your questions.